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  • Assembly approves bill allowing public notices for some free distribution papers - A bill that will make free distribution newspapers eligible to publish public notices in municipalities that do not have a paid distribution newspaper was approved Feb. 20 by the state Assembly. Assembly Bill 731, which was drafted with input from the Wisconsin Newspaper Association, was approved on a voice vote without discussion. Its companion bill – Senate Bill 627 ...
  • WNA Foundation seeking nominations for Future Headliners program - Do you know a young news, advertising or marketing professional who’s making a difference in the newspaper industry? We want to recognize them and share their stories during the 2018 Wisconsin Newspaper Association Convention & Trade Show. The WNA Foundation is accepting nominations for the “Future Headliners” program, which will honor up to five young leaders who represent the ...
  • Assembly Bill 731 addresses public notices and free distribution newspapers - A Letter from WNA Executive Director Beth Bennett What Does AB 731 Do? For more than 200 years, Wisconsin’s newspapers have helped ensure that the state’s citizens are well informed through public notices. These notices serve as a critically important independent reporter between units of government and the taxpayers, as well as serving as the official notification vehicle for the court system. Newspaper ...
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WNA exists to strengthen the newspaper industry, enhance public understanding of the role of newspapers, and protect basic freedoms of press, speech and free flow of information. WNA is the single point-of-contact for working with newspapers in Wisconsin.

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The WNA Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports programs that foster excellence in journalism, engage current and former newspaper leaders and invest in our communities. The Foundation solicits, manages and disburses funds and other resources for the benefit of Wisconsin’s newspaper industry.

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