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  • Police body camera committee to discuss draft bill - Members of a legislative study committee on police body camera legislation are expected to discuss a bill draft during an Oct. 17 meeting in Madison. The draft includes language that would require a law enforcement agency to post its policy online and it also sets a longer retention period for encounters including use of force.
  • WNA Foundation announces 2018 Hall of Fame honorees - The Wisconsin Newspaper Association Foundation is thrilled to announce the distinguished industry leaders who will be inducted into the Wisconsin Newspaper Hall of Fame on Thursday, Nov. 15 in Madison.
  • WNA Foundation launches statewide effort to bolster civic engagement - By Julia Hunter Wisconsin Newspaper Association In recent years, civic education in schools across the country has been on the decline. Prior to the 1960s, courses encouraging students to explore their role as citizens and discuss current issues were common. Today, such classes are rare. Civic education instead is typically rolled into a course about American government and little ...
  • Andrew Johnson takes over as National Newspaper Association president - Andrew Johnson, president of the Wisconsin Newspaper Association Foundation, took over the role of National Newspaper Association president Saturday at the annual NNA Convention in Norfolk, Va. 
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Protecting, empowering & advancing Wisconsin newspapers

The Wisconsin Newspaper Association has been working on behalf of Wisconsin newspapers since 1853 by providing advocacy, resources and education. Our mission is to strengthen the newspaper industry, enhance public understanding of the role of newspapers, and protect basic freedoms of press, speech and the free flow of information.

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WNA Foundation

The WNA Foundation is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3)non-profit corporation formed in 1980 by the Wisconsin Newspaper Association. The WNAF supports programs that foster excellence in journalism, engage current and future newspaper leaders and invest in our communities.

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WNA Career Center

Whether you’re looking for a new job or are hoping to fill a position, the WNA Careers Page is a great resource. Job openings are posted as a free service to member newspapers. Job seekers are also encouraged to post their resumes for potential employers.

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