Stanley joins WNA Board of Directors

George Stanley

George Stanley, editor and senior vice president of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, has joined the WNA Board of Directors as its newest member. The board was scheduled to meet Thursday for its regular quarterly meeting in Madison.

Stanley was named editor of the Journal Sentinel in 2015 after leading the newsroom as managing editor for 18 years. Stanley studied journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and began his career at the Lake Geneva Regional News, Ducks Unlimited magazine and the Wichita (Kan.) Eagle.

In 1989, Stanley returned to Wisconsin as a state reporter for the Milwaukee Sentinel. He became the business editor of the Sentinel in 1993 and took over the same position when the Sentinel and Milwaukee Journal merged in 1995. He became managing editor of the Journal Sentinel two years later.

The WNA Board of Directors is made up of eight directors and seven officers. Four weekly newspaper representatives – one from each region of the state – and four at-large daily newspaper representatives are elected to three-year terms.