Fight harmful newsprint tariffs

On July 17, the International Trade Commission will hear testimony on preliminary newsprint tariffs that threaten more than 600,000 jobs across the country.

Members of Congress have been encouraged to testify or submit comments to describe the impact of these tariffs on U.S. jobs. Also, the Secretary of Commerce has recently expressed his interest in receiving information from newspapers regarding the impact of the preliminary tariffs on their business.

Here are some ways you can help fight the proposed newsprint tariffs:

Provide your feedback

Take a moment to answer as many questions as possible on our survey (even if you completed our previous survey). Unless you provide your authorization, only aggregated information will be shared with Members of Congress or the Department of Commerce.

>> Take the survey.

Sign the petition

newsprint tariff petitionThe STOPP Coalition has initiated a citizen and employee petition against the tariffs that will be sent to the ITC around the July 17 hearing.  Right now, we have less than 3,000 signatures — far short of our goal of 10,000. Please take a moment to sign the petition and encourage your employees and readers to do the same.

Digital ads encouraging readers to sign the petition are also available: