Records: City dumped millions of gallons of diluted raw sewage into Lake Superior

Lake Superior sewage

According to information obtained through the Wisconsin open records law, discharges of untreated sewage effluent into Lake Superior total nearly 75 million gallons in the past five years. (Daily Press File Photo/Rick Olivo)

ASHLAND – The city of Ashland has dumped nearly 75 million gallons of diluted raw sewage into Lake Superior’s Chequamegon Bay over the past five years, according to documents obtained by The (Ashland) Daily Press under state’s open records law.

The discharge is water experts call “wastewater effluent,” the Daily Press‘ Rick Olivo reported.

Dumping raw sewage into Lake Superior is a violation of state and federal law and has contributed to contaminated water conditions that have forced the city to close municipal beaches on several occasions, Olivo wrote.

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