Wisconsin Policy Forum frames key issues for candidates in midterm elections

In an effort to help voters make informed decisions, Wisconsin Policy Forum has identified 10 key questions that should be addressed by candidates running for governor and the state legislature this fall, the nonprofit announced today in a news release.

The questions, which emanate from recent research by the nonprofit, were provided to both major-party candidates for governor — incumbent Republican Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tony Evers. WPF plans to publish their responses in an upcoming issue of its newsletter, according to the release.

“Our mission is to provide facts and context in an impartial way to promote more informed and data-driven decision-making on major issues,” said WPF President Rob Henken. “Voters are the most important decision-makers in the election process, and we want to share with them findings from our recent research that are most relevant to this fall’s state races.”

The questions touch on topics related to transportation, Wisconsin’s economy and workforce, education, state-local relations, taxes, and the state’s financial health.

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