Ukraine trip offers Kenosha News publisher new outlook

KENOSHA – A recent 10-day trip to Ukraine gave Kenosha News Publisher Randy Rickman a new perspective on things he thought he knew about life at home and abroad. Most importantly, it reminded him that people in both places share a lot of similarities.

Randy Rickman

Rickman’s son, Nelson, is serving in Ukraine as a Peace Corps volunteer and also works as an elementary school English teacher. While visiting his son, Rickman visited many Ukrainian landmarks and historical sites and saw many other places that featured tributes to past events, whether good or bad.

In the end, Rickman said, Ukraine’s pursuit of freedom “captured my heart.”

For Rickman, who is a member of the WNA Board of Directors, the trip also changed his mind on one major news topic: Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election. In particular, the connections between Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager, and Russia set off some red flags for Rickman.

“I’m now in favor of him turning over every stone and prosecuting or at least shining a bright light on anyone involved in collusion with Russia,” Rickman said.

Other lessons that Rickman took away from his trip reinforce some things Americans may take for granted, such as freedom, open government and independent journalism.

Of course, other lessons were more trivial, such as simplifying one’s life, traveling more and never buying a used car in Lviv, Ukraine, which has many cobblestone streets.

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