5 cool places to get a warm drink in Wisconsin

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Sometimes, there’s nothing better than sipping a hot drink on a cold winter day. Thankfully, Wisconsinites have no shortage of tasty, warm beverages to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a classic take on a cold-weather staple or something with a more modern twist, these Wisconsin locations are serving up some deliciously toasty drinks.

Hayward Coffee Co, warm drink

Hayward Coffee Co.

1. Hot chocolate in Hayward
For many, hot chocolate is the quintessential winter drink. In Hayward, they take their hot chocolate pretty seriously. For seven years, the community-focused organization A “Lure” of Lights has hosted an annual Hot Chocolate Crawl, where participants visit businesses like Hayward Coffee Co. to try a sample of their tasty cocoa. For this year’s crawl, the Hayward Coffee Co. showcased a festive gingerbread hot chocolate — just one of their signature cocoas available throughout the winter season.

2. Apple cider from Apple Holler
Even in the earliest cool-weather months, Wisconsinites reach for the comforting taste of hot apple cider. At their farm-to-table restaurant in Sturtevant, Apple Holler serves fresh apple cider year-round. Enjoy a steamy mug of their classic pressed apple cider or switch it up and add a bit of caramel to your drink.

3. Hot toddy from Firefly Tosa
Touted as a cure for the common cold, hot toddies are a delicious way to ward off the winter chill. The Firefly Tosa in Wauwatosa adds a tea-time twist to their hot toddy. Their Earl Grey hot toddy is a blend of special Earl Grey honey syrup, bourbon, charred lemon and cloves.

Mark's East Side, warm drink

Try a Tom and Jerry at Mark’s East Side in Appleton.

4. Mulled wine from the Weary Traveler
Wine lovers can warm up, too, with a hot cup of mulled wine. Weary Traveler Free House in Madison celebrates the winter months with their own concoction of mulled wine, referred to as “grog.” The inclusion of rum sets the “grog” apart from traditional mulled wine, in addition to a secret mix of spices closely guarded by the restaurant’s owner.

5. Tom and Jerry from Mark’s East Side
Often thought of as a uniquely Wisconsin holiday drink, the Tom and Jerry is a Midwest winter staple. Traditionally made with egg batter and brandy, Mark’s East Side in Appleton uses a homemade family recipe for their Tom and Jerry that keeps both locals and visitors coming back each year.


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