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Natasha Haverty

Natasha Haverty
Natasha Haverty

Natasha Haverty is an independent audio journalist whose work has appeared on NPR’s Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and The New York Times. Her reporting has twice been awarded by the Society of Professional Journalists, and last year received a National Murrow Award. Her investigations of the criminal justice system—from jails’ efforts to ban in-person visits, to why the country’s first prison nursery is slowing its admission rate, to the miscarriage of justice in a small rural town—have sparked legislative change.

She previously led New Hampshire Public Radio’s State of Democracy unit, and for three years was based out of North Country Public Radio, where she helped launch The Prison Time Media Project, a national radio series exploring the impact of the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

Natasha got her start at The Moth, where she helped launch the Peabody award-winning Moth Radio Hour. This year she is an O’Brien Fellow in Public Service Journalism at Marquette University (the fellowship’s first radio journalist) and receives support from the Fund for Investigative Journalism.

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