AP Stylebook publishes new guide on sports gambling

With six states legalizing sports gambling in 2018 and many others expected to follow suit in 2019, the AP Stylebook has published a new topical guide for reporting on the subject.

AP Stylebook

Experts tracking sports gambling expect 30 states to consider bills this year, with Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia already having filed bills to allow betting on sports. Two U.S. senators also introduced a bill at the end of last year that proposed federal regulation of the industry.

The AP guide offers definitions of an array of gambling terms and betting jargon, including “backdoor cover,” “underdog,” “parlay,” “money line” and “push.” Many of the terms were compiled from existing sections of the AP Stylebook.

The topical guide is available to the public, while AP Stylebook Online subscribers get access to the full archive of past topical guides.