Phil Hands discusses hate mail, editorial cartoons with Gateway Journalism Review

Freedom of Information Council cartoon revealed
Phil Hands, cartoonist for the Wisconsin State Journal, stands next to a commemorative cartoon he created to mark the FOIC’s 40th anniversary on Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018, at the state Capitol. (Julia Hunter photo)

Phil Hands, nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist for the (Madison) Wisconsin State Journal, recently discussed his work with Alexandra Martinez of the Gateway Journalism Review.

Hands discussed how he chooses the topics for his cartoons, how he first got into drawing cartoons in high school and the feedback he draws from people across the country.

“Most cartoons generate an email or two, sometimes we’ll get a phone call from somebody telling me what a moron I am or how brilliant I am,” Hands told GJR. “I get a lot of comments on social media and Facebook, people sharing and commenting or writing about my cartoons or topics.

“But I am syndicated now nationally, so my cartoons appear in papers all across the country. So I get hate mail from all over the country nowadays as well, which is nice. I get hate mail from people of cities that I’ve never heard of in the south. I’m like, I don’t know where that is, but whatever.”

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