Column explores Manitowoc newspaper history

Herald Times Reporter, Manitowoc newspaper history
Herald Times office, located at 902 Franklin St., in Manitowoc in 1968. (photo courtesy of Manitowoc County Historial Society)

MANITOWOC – A “superabundance of newspapers” led to the demise of Manitowoc’s first newspaper, Amy Meyer notes in a column Friday for its current newspaper, theHerald Times Reporter.

The community’s first newspaper, the Weekly Herald, was sold to its competition, the Tribune, in 1854 — just four years after the Herald printed its first issue, writes Meyer, who serves as executive director for the Manitowoc County Historical Society.

Manitowoc got its first daily newspaper, the Daily Herald, in 1898.

In her column, Meyer details Manitowoc County’s rich newspaper history and the mergers that eventually led to the creation of the Herald Times Reporter.

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