Polco: How to guide for WNA members

Have questions about getting started with Polco? Here’s a quick look at how it works.

Sign up

polco guide

WNA members can opt-in to the Polco program here. Once you sign up, Polco will create a custom dashboard for your newspaper, which will give you the ability to see local results for each of the poll questions.


Each week, the WNA will publish the questions and send them out via the weekly Member Content email. You also will receive a notification through your local account when new questions have been made available.

Have suggestions for future questions? Send your ideas to Jordan Schelling at jordan.schelling@wnanews.com


Once the questions are available in your Polco dashboard, they will need to be embedded somewhere on your newspaper’s website. Recommended options include your home page, the opinion page, and/or within stories that are relevant to the poll topic.

Data analysis

After each poll has completed, go to your Polco dashboard to find the statewide and local results. These will also be included alongside the new questions when sent out through the WNA Member Content email.

Analyze the data and incorporate into any relevant stories, or use it to generate a new story about how readers in your area or across the state feel on a particular topic.


If you have any issues using Polco or questions about the program, contact Jordan Schelling at jordan.schelling@wnanews.com