33 quick tips for journalists

Veteran writing coach Bart Pfankuch shares 33 quick tips for journalists that he has learned through experience or stolen from other coaches over the years.

Avoid deadline by starting early

Let’s all try to get out of the newsroom earlier. Here are some tips gained from years of seeing a life beyond the office.

Making a plan to write a terrific news story

“Reporting to Write,” is a concept in which journalists think and focus almost constantly on the story and its structure before, during and after the reporting process.

All hail the hard-news lead

In a society where readers often have countless options on where to get their news, sometimes they’re looking for the one that gets to the point the quickest.

In his most recent installment of “Better Writing With Bart,” veteran writing coach Bart Pfankuch gives some tips on how to craft effective and compelling hard-news leads.