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Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council celebrates 40 years

The Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council celebrated its 40th anniversary Tuesday at the State Capitol in Madison. Formed in 1978 under the direction of former Milwaukee Sentinel Editor Bob Wills, the FOIC aimed to provide a forum for news people to share information about their access challenges, advocate for openness and, occasionally, finance open government lawsuits….

Former Milwaukee photographer Sherman Gessert Jr. dies at 83

Sherman A. Gessert Jr., a longtime photographer for both the Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel, died Oct. 22, at the age of 83. Gessert joined the Sentinel staff in 1956, after graduating from Milwaukee’s Layton School of Art. He started taking photos for both the Journal and the Sentinel after the Journal Co. purchased the…

ITC releases formal decision on newsprint tariffs

The U.S. International Trade Commission has released its formal decision regarding the decision to reverse tariffs imposed earlier this year on Canadian newsprint. Among its key findings were: transportation costs, availability and reliability of supply were as important or more important than price to newsprint consumers; Canadian imports did not depress domestic prices; and the…