2018 WNA Foundation Newspaper & Advertising Contest

Local Column ( Division E-2,500 - 3,999)Back

  • Place Name: First Place
    Contestant Name: Price County Review
    Entry Title: Who shall bear this cross?; Abolish the moving home stigma; 4 deep winter hacks to get you to spring
  • Place Name: Second Place
    Contestant Name: Spooner Advocate
    Entry Title: 40 years pass in just a blink
  • Place Name: Third Place
    Contestant Name: The Ripon Commonwealth Press
    Entry Title: A geezerís lament? No, lifeís a party for this 59-year-old; Hereís the scoop: Customers concerned while Culverís is floored; Donít be not-so cheeky: Air kiss near miss gets boo hiss
  • Place Name: Honorable Mention
    Contestant Name: Pierce County Herald
    Entry Title: Sarah Nigbor column: It's wood cutting weather; Finding my roots, and Finnish ones at that; The circle of life