WNA Leadership Summit

WNA & NNA Leadership Summit

Oct. 3, 2019 • Pfister Hotel • Milwaukee, Wis.

A leadership summit co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Newspaper Association will kick off the 133rd Annual National Newspaper Association Convention & Trade Show on Oct. 3 in Milwaukee. This unique opportunity will explore what it takes for your newspaper to be profitable and stable in a changing environment.

During the workshop, Pulitzer-Prize winning journalists will share their expertise on newspapers and organizational management. They’ll be joined by several community newspaper leaders who will explain how they have successfully implemented changes that had a significant impact.

As a participant, you will connect with your peers, learn how to increase the success of change initiatives, and be inspired to innovate.

Workshop facilitator Marty Kaiser, one of the leading newsroom visionaries working today, will be joined by leadership guru Cheryl Carpenter.


Registration for the Leadership Summit is $99 as a standalone event or $29 as an add-on to your NNA Convention registration. (WNA Members qualify for member pricing to the WNA Convention.) The WNA is providing $50 scholarships to the first six people who apply. Apply for a scholarship.