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Frank Wood

Frank Wood

Frank Wood

Frank Wood and his wife, Agnes, purchased The Denmark Press in 1953, becoming half the staff of two full- and two part-time employees.

Each new addition to the family resulted in Agnes losing one of her jobs at the paper or the purchase of a new time-saving appliance. She lost her last job (billing) when their seventh child (out of eight) was born.

Competition from several dailies forced Wood to decide whether to grow, get out or fight back. Over time, his company purchased or developed more than 30 niche publications, shoppers or newspapers, all located in a contiguous six-county area in Northeastern Wisconsin . Included were six weeklies, a semi-weekly and a six-day daily, The Green Bay News-Chronicle, as well as two commercial printing plants.

Sales increased from $23,000 annually to more than $23 million, a thousand-fold increase. In 1976, Wood became involved in what became the News-Chronicle facing the existing daily in Green Bay.

Teaching part time in the ’50s and ’60s, Wood accepted a full-time professorship of humanities at St. Norbert College in 1966, retiring in 1998. He regarded both vocations as stewardships and passionately believed in the need for a community to be well-informed in order to make intelligent choices affecting its future.

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