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James Clifford

James Clifford

James Clifford

With his own 45-year-old partnership with the Watertown Daily Times, Jim Clifford continues a tradition of Clifford family ownership that dates back to 1919, just 24 years after the first edition was published in 1895.

Clifford joined the Daily Times on a full-time basis in 1964, after graduating from Marquette University’s school of journalism. He started his newspaper career working part-time during his high school and college years under the guidance of his father, John D. Clifford, who was editor and publisher.

Working his way through the news, advertising and circulation departments, Clifford grew active in the overall management of the company, becoming general manager in 1972 and associate publisher by late 1980. In 1987, shortly after the death of his father, Clifford succeeded him as editor and publisher, a position he continues to hold with the newspaper today.

In addition to his award-winning contributions to numerous community organizations, Clifford has a long participation record in all aspects of the Wisconsin Newspaper Association, serving as president in 1989 and 1990. He is also a past Wisconsin Newspaper Association Foundation director and served as a committee chairman and board member of the Inland Press Association, taking a role as the organization’s president for 2000-01.

Clifford and his wife, Pat, live in Lake Mills. They have three children, all of whom are married. Son Kevin Clifford is the fourth generation of the Clifford family at the business, serving as the company’s general manager.

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