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Scott Angus

Scott Angus

Scott Angus

Scott Angus is an innovative leader who understands the power of the press and inspires fellow journalists to do always their best work.

With a news judgment that is second to none, Angus held high the principals and ethics of journalism in every decision. His “Ten Rules of Writing” became a primer for all new reporters and a reference for veterans on how to recognize important stories and make them engaging.

Angus was the leader of a team that in 2004 produced an innovative redesign of The Gazette to appeal to light readers. The redesign was selected by Inland Press Association as one of the year’s top 10 newspaper innovations, and Editor & Publisher selected the newspaper as one of “Ten That Do It Right.” The new format allowed The Gazette to dive deeply into stories while also giving readers a sampling of all other news of the day.

Despite being a relatively small daily newspaper, The Gazette frequently punched above its weight under Angus’ leadership. Investigative journalism was expected, high-quality writing was essential and being grounded in the community was non-negotiable. Angus set that tone, both within the newsroom and within the greater community.

Angus follows in the footsteps of his father, Robert Angus, a 2012 Hall of Fame inductee and one of the great innovators of his time.

Journalism runs in his veins. Angus’ passion for public service, commitment to journalism education and his influential leadership have raised journalism standards not just statewide, but nationally.

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