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Sidney H. ‘Skip’ Bliss

Inducted into the Wisconsin Newspaper Hall of Fame in 2016

Skip Bliss
Skip Bliss

Skip Bliss, the fourth generation of his family to own The (Janesville) Gazette, is a newspaperman. Yes, he is many other things, as well — a media company CEO, a radio station owner, a community leader. More than anything, though, he is a newspaperman, and we are all the better for it.

Bliss carries on a family tradition of quality journalism and community service. He will accept nothing less, and he’s willing to do what it takes to ensure that The Gazette endures as one of Wisconsin’s best newspapers.

Bliss has been a passionate steward of that business for more than 40 years, lending his knowledge and talent to the industry as a whole many times through his service to WNA and the Inland Press Association. He is always at the ready to lend his support as an experienced, knowledgeable and articulate publisher. Few publishers have been more dedicated, involved or more effective on open records, open meetings and other legislative issues than Skip Bliss.

Bliss has never flinched while taking on the challenges, disruptions and opportunities of the digital age. He presses his workers to innovate and find new approaches to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s media consumers and advertisers. The Gazette is a trend-setter in both its print and digital publications, largely because of his vision and leadership.

Despite those new directions, Bliss remains a newspaperman at his core. It’s the business on which his company was founded and that has largely sustained it through the years. It’s also the business he loves.

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