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William H. “Bill” Howe

Inducted into the Wisconsin Newspaper Hall of Fame in 2018

bill howe
Bill Howe

William H. “Bill” Howe, the third of five generations of Howes to own and publish the Courier Press, is a relentless, hard-nosed publisher whose dedication to the newspaper industry and his community is thorough and unwavering.

As the third of five generations of Howes to own and publish the Courier Press, Howe has lived all of his 95 years understanding the newspaper business to be his family’s tradition and commitment to their local community. Howe is a walking encyclopedia of Prairie du Chien, full of stories, anecdotes and facts. He is the epitome of passion and love for his profession, community and conservation.

Howe often went above and beyond during his career. Not only did he write the news, but he was also active along the front lines of the news. In one instance, Howe was one of four men wearing waders and walking up a state highway in waist-deep floodwater ahead of sandbag-hauling dump trucks. After helping his flood-logged neighbors, Howe would report on it for the newspaper.

Always striving for accuracy, honesty and attention to detail, Howe was never one to delegate responsibility. Even as editor, he continued to attend every city council and county board meeting, ensuring the reports printed in the newspaper were accurate. Howe’s extensive knowledge of the community made him a crucial resource for mayors and public officials throughout his career.

There’s no doubt that Howe’s career serves as an exceptional example of how to be a journalist in Wisconsin.

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