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William R. Barth

Inducted into the Wisconsin Newspaper Hall of Fame in 2016

Bill Barth
Bill Barth

Beloit Daily News editor Bill Barth has worked more than 40 years in newspapers, covering local news in southern Wisconsin since 1976.

During that time, Barth has had his share of discussions which colleagues might characterize as “heated” debates — pointed conversations filled with the passion so many dedicated journalists have in their hearts.

One such colleague, admirably calling Barth a hard-charging, no-nonsense mentor and leader, notes that it’s often the “heat” that forges strong metals and creates quality products.

Perpetuating heat and passion in the news reporting business, Barth looks to hire and mentor recruits with that “fire in the belly.” He seeks reporters who don’t just want a job in the news business; he wants the people who live the news business.

An award-winning editorial writer with uncompromising dedication and commitment, Barth holds local government (and the politicians who run it) accountable on a daily basis “without fear or favor.”

Outside the newsroom, Barth devotes time and talents to the Associated Press Media Editors (AMPE, as past president); the Wisconsin Newspaper Association (legislative advocate); Beloit Boys and Girls Club; Beloit Chamber; Kiwanis Club and many more organizations.

A true leader, his management style centers on bringing accolades and recognition to others. Examples abound at both the Daily News (posting “atta-boys” on the newsroom corkboard) and in the community (leading the Beloit Daily News Headliner Awards and Stateline Literacy Council’s volunteer recognition).

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