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William T. Evjue

Bill Evjue

Bill Evjue

Bill Evjue started the Madison Capital Times in 1917 in opposition to World War I, based on the ideals of Robert “Fighting Bob” LaFollette. He became one of the state’s best known and most powerful newspaper editors. Although boycotted at first by advertisers, the Capital Times reached a circulation of 10,000 in only 18 months.

Bill was a leading crusader for Wisconsin’s Progressivism and a defender of the poor and powerless. He won a national reputation for his hard-hitting editorials. In his front page “Hello Wisconsin” column, he routinely printed the salaries of big bankers and corporate executives. He was one of the first to take on Sen. Joe McCarthy and his anti-Communist crusade.

His autobiography, “Fighting Editor,” documents some of the most interesting events in Wisconsin political and journalistic history.

This fearless entrepreneur’s lasting achievement was the creation of the Evjue Foundation, Inc., which distributes $2 million per year to local charitable, educational and cultural activities in Dane County.

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