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WNA Memorial Grove


Since members of the Wisconsin Newspaper Association began the Press Forest south of Eagle River in 1958, they have been honoring the memory of those who have contributed to the advancement of journalism in Wisconsin.

When the tradition began, the names of deceased member publishers were printed on press plates and hung from wooden structures. Families, friends and members of the newspaper industry would travel to the area each year to pay tribute.

Over time, the names began to fade. In 2014, a more permanent monument was erected on the Trees For Tomorrow campus. WNA Memorial Grove consists of five granite pylons and several benches that provide visitors a place to reflect. The effort was made possible by donor contributions and the sponsorship of the WNA Foundation.

Members continue to honor former publishers each year at a ceremony during the Trees Retreat and by visiting the Memorial Pylon throughout the year.

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The names of every publisher who has been memorialized on the pylon are listed below in alphabetical order. Use the arrows to scroll between pages or use the search feature to locate publishers by name, newspaper or the year they were added to the pylon. Click a name or photo for more information about the publisher.

The WNA has complete profiles and photos of honorees who have been added to the pylon since 2007, but we would love to include more! If you have photos, profile information or an obituary for any of the publishers listed below, contact WNA Membership & Communications Director Julia Hunter.

    • Gary Vercauteren
    • Chilton Times -Journal
    • Howard Vezina
    • Standard Press, St. Croix
    • 1917 - 2011
    • William Wagner
    • Thorp Courier
    • William S. Wagner
    • Thorp Courier
    • Frederic N. Wagner
    • Clinton Topper
    • 1933 - 2014
    • Allan C. Walch
    • Manawa Advocate
    • James E. Walch
    • Wisconsin Dells Events
    • Allen (Pete) C. Walch
    • Wisconsin Dells Events
    • Donald P. Walker
    • The Lakeland Times, Minocqua
    • 1935 - 2012
    • Clarence J. Walkoe
    • Menomonee Falls News
    • Donald Walrath
    • Clinton Topper
    • Jane (Betty) Walrath-Solem
    • The Clinton Topper
    • 1919 - 2015
    • Raymond Way
    • Matt Werner
    • Sheboygan Press
    • Timothy B. Werner
    • The Sheboygan Press
    • 1928 - 2008
    • Roy H. Westman
    • Daily Telegram, Superior
    • Arnott Widstran
    • LaFarge Enterprise
    • L.E. Williams
    • Randolph Advance
    • Bea Williams
    • Randolph Advance
    • Willard J. Willner Sr.
    • Edgar Weekly Review
    • Nena Wills
    • Belleville Recorder
    • Oliver Witte
    • Juneau County Chronicle, Mauston
    • Curtis G. Witte
    • News Publishing Company, Black Earth
    • Virginia Witte
    • Juneau County Chronicle, Mauston; Mauston Star
    • 1909 - 2007
    • Clarence Wittenwyler
    • Monticello Messenger
    • J. Martin (Murph) Wolman
    • Wisconsin State Journal, Madison
    • 1919 - 2009
    • Frank A. Wood
    • Green Bay News Chronicle; Denmark Press
    • 1928 - 2011
    • Webster (Web) Woodmansee
    • The Daily Reporter, Milwaukee
    • Robert T. Wright
    • Marquette County Tribune, Montello
    • Marion E. Wright
    • Marquette County Tribune, Montello
    • 1943 - 2007
    • Henry A. Youmans
    • The Waukesha Freeman
    • Chase O. Youngs
    • Florence Mining News
    • David A. Yuenger
    • Green Bay Press-Gazette
    • Otto Zander
    • Brillion News
    • Elliot T. Zander
    • Brillion News
    • Noel Zander
    • The Brillion News
    • 1941 - 2016
    • Carl A. Zielke
    • Manager, Wisconsin Press Association
    • Louis H. Zimmermann
    • Burlington Standard-Press
    • Warner Zimmermann
    • Burlington Standard-Press
    • Charles Zimmermann
    • Burlington Standard Press
    • Floyd W. Zimmermann
    • East Troy Times, Walworth Times

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