Electronic affidavits bill receives support from Assembly

MADISON – Legislation initiated by the WNA that would allow newspapers to send public notice affidavits via email received unanimous support Thursday from the Wisconsin state Assembly.

It will now head to the state Senate, which will consider the bill when they convene Nov. 5.

Electronic proof of publication

AB 112 allows for proof of publication affidavits to be sent via email as PDF attachments from the newspaper to the advertiser. Currently, newspapers are required to send a hard copy of the affidavit and a tearsheet of the notice via U.S. mail.

Washington Island circumstances addressed

The bill also includes a provision to expand the definition of a newspaper that is eligible to print public notices in order to address the unique circumstances of Washington Island.

Current law requires a paper of record to be published at least on a weekly basis.

Because activity on the island decreases significantly during the winter due to access issues, the Washington Island Observer publishes less frequently during this time.

The limited exception to the publication requirement addresses the incredibly unique circumstances of Wisconsin’s only island municipality.