Promote Pulse Research shopping survey through Jan. 1

shopping survey ad

WNA members are asked to promote the annual national shopping survey conducted by Pulse Research in order to ensure the minimum survey sample size is reached.

Data, which will be provided at the conclusion of the survey, can help identify potential clients and develop effective marketing plans.

Last year’s survey results showed that Wisconsin consumers are 20% more likely to seek out or purchase local products or services after seeing newspaper advertising than after hearing a radio ad or seeing a television ad.

Here are five ways you can help promote the shopping survey:

1. Run a Web Intercept

This has proven to be the fastest and most successful way to reach your readers in the shortest amount of time. Contact to receive your website’s own custom web intercept.

2. Schedule and Run the ROP Ad

Consistent print promotion works.

3. Run Classified Ads

Just set the ad to run in every issue and a variety of sections.

4. Send an Email Blast

Contact your readers directly with a message about helping local businesses. Similar messages could also be posted on Facebook. 

5. Run Banner ads

This is one of the easiest ways to consistently promote the survey and get samples.

Download materials and ads here.